Bob Anderson and the Prisma Graphic Family.

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Bob’s Story

There is a story I like to tell when talking about the philosophy of our company.

 When I was a boy, I had my own business. From time to time, I would go to the public golf course near my grandparent’s house, wander down by the second hole near 15th Avenue and Maryland and collect errant golf balls that had landed by the road.

Once my bucket was full, I would wash the golf balls and sell them to golfers from a culvert near the entrance of the course. It was 25 cents for a nice one, 10 cents for a decent one and 5 cents for those with nicks. The money I made was nice, although the real reward was what I could do with it.

 It was every Arizona’s kid dream to see a live performance of The Wallace & Ladmo Show, and for me it became a reality. With the money I made, I was able to take my brother and friends to a show. That day my brother left with the coveted Ladmo Bag, and I walked away getting to see a few of my heroes and share the experience with some of my closest friends; something I still highly value.

 Many years after this story, a friend introduced me to Ladmo, the local legend and my childhood hero. He gave me my own Ladmo Bag, which I now proudly display at home. It is proof that holding onto your dreams has its rewards.

 In a way, this is how I have always tried to run a business – with our customers’ needs at heart and a diverse variety of quality products to meet those needs. More importantly, was my dream to share the earnings and enjoy life with my family and friends.

 With this in mind, I invite you to meet some of the people here at Prisma Graphic who I consider family. As you read their stories in future blogs, you will find that they care as much about our philosophy as I do about making this company our success.

 Thank you for your patronage.

 Bob Anderson


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Prisma Graphic Paving the Way with Dokshop. Prisma Graphic Customers tell thier story.

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