Top 10 Ways Print Helps You Prosper.

February 16, 2010 at 3:14 pm 2 comments

Why Print

At one time or another we all have taken printing for granted. Perhaps because print has been the world’s number on communication medium for so long, we tend to overlook its impact and power. That oversight could be detrimental to the success of a marketing campaign, a product launch or a branding initiative trying to make connections. Consumers trust print, feel comfortable using it and are unable to fast forward past it. Electronic content comes and goes and when it’s gone, your message disappears with it. Print, on the other hand, is there for the long run.

Reason #1: Print is Portable

Print can be carried, shared and consumed anywhere, anytime – on trains, planes and automobiles. You can fold print, stuff it, clip it, even scratch-and-sniff-it. There’s no need to boot it up or power it down. Print is everywhere and always ready to instruct, inform and entertain.

Reason #2: Print Drives Higher ROI

Printing is particularly persuasive as direct mail. According to research done by the Direct Marketing Association and the Wharton Economic Forecasting Associates, print’s performance through the mail can be measured in dollars and cents. The DMA researchers found that U.S. advertisers who spend $167 per person in direct mail marketing earn $2,095 worth of business per person – a return on investment of 13 to 1.

Reason #3: Print Can Be Interactive

As more and more companies capitalize on the power of print, setting your message apart in the mailbox takes a little creativity. Incorporating moving parts, scented varnishes, pull-tab windows and even sound chips are excellent ways to enhance the experience. Imagine printing a special code on your direct mail piece that allows a consumer to take a cell phone snap shot and send in to receive instant product information, mobile coupons or special promotions. This new technology not only makes your piece interactive, it provides an immediate sales opportunity.

Reason #4: Print is a Team Player

Sure, the internet is cutting-edge. What is more successful though, is using a printed direct mail campaign to drive prospects to a personalized website or even a Facebook page, and then following up with a printed thank-you card or closer. Print enhances the impact of any media by providing the consumer with an extra dimension – one hard to ignore when they are holding it in their hands.

Reason #5: Print is Beautiful

Why is it called graphic arts? Because print is beautiful and printers continue to consider every job they do as a personal masterpiece. And now, advanced printing techniques like hi-fi color and advanced screening make their work more appealing and more compelling. The beauty of print will enhance your product or service, giving it a special appeal of its own and an extra tangible dimension that no electronic media can impart.

Reason #6: Print is in High Demand

consumers who receive a printed catalog from any given retailer are nearly twice as likely to make an online purchase at that retailer’s website. The reason for the sales windfall is consumers seek print when they are ready to buy. Thea’s a fact supported by a 2005 field study by the Direct Marketing Association. Scoring the primary channels for generating orders, the research found that 60% came from printed catalogs, 24% were inspired by retail settings and only 9% arrived via the Internet alone.

Reason #7: Print is Credible

The phrase, “get it down on paper” has never been more meaningful. Having words and images that you can hold in your hand, review, show others, and keep in a safe place provides a degree of reassurance that no bit-and-byte medium can match. An increasing number of marketers are leveraging print’s high credibility, by using customer publications, to get their messages out and absorbed. They are believers because print is the credible medium.

Reason #8: Print Provides Control

Telemarketing is the crudest form of cold calling, and its effectiveness has sunk to an all-time low. What happens when print is added into the equation? Send prospects a personalized mailing that introduces the caller and lets them tell you the best time to call. By putting the potential customer in control of the process, there are no more interruptions at dinner; only a positive flow of information between the marketer and the consumer. Ultimately the sale become a natural progression of the power of print, rather than a rude intrusion.

Reason #9: Print is Personal

It is time to put each prospect’s name up in lights, literally. Or, maybe you want to include a photo or specific product information for which they expressed interest. Print can do all that and more because print takes marketing personally. Using variable data printing (VDP) and one-to-one- messaging techniques, each and every piece of your print campaign can be made relevant – Relationship building at its best.

Reason #10: Print is Everywhere

Print has been the world’s favorite medium ever since a little known monk asked Gutenberg: “How much do you want for the bible?” We are used to being surrounded by print. We are comfortable with it. This is especially true considering that 9 out of 10 graphic designers, polled in a 2006 survey that the Magazine Graphic Design USA, said they had worked on a print project in that year. In fact, 91% of the respondents said their projects were exclusively or were comprised of a substantial print component – a testament that print is everywhere.


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