Bored With Your Marketing Campaign?

April 7, 2010 at 12:16 pm Leave a comment

Seeing the same marketing collateral day in and day out might get boring as a company insider, but is it actually boring to your audience? That’s the operative question here. Before going to the drawing board and reinventing your image, ask your design and executive teams the following questions:

1. Is your campaign fully integrated? i.e. does your logo appear on all materials in accordance with your style guidelines? i.e. does your campaign cover all markets such as print, viral, social, etc.? Do you and your printer have full and complete brand control?

2. Does your campaign reflect your company’s environmental philosophy? i.e. Are you using recycled paper with a credentialed printer?

3. Are you seeing quantitative results with the current campaign? i.e. are sales up, is your service being used, are you competing strongly in your industry? Does your printer provide full records management that allows you to track collateral usage as a productivity indicator?

4. Are your materials being created uniformly, efficiently and in a cost productive manner? i.e. are you using a print house that uses a marketing supply chain management system?

5. And lastly, are you unique to your specific niche market? i.e. are you trying to be everything to everyone or are you staying within your market purview and business competency?

These five questions are VITALLY important to the decision making process involved with creating, maintaining, altering or completely reinventing a current marketing campaign. Obviously budget is a huge factor, as is timing.

So, if your answer to any of the above questions is ‘NO’ then boredom might not be the only ill effect of your current identity. In fact, it might be time to check the budget, ramp up the design team and get your print shop account rep on the calendar.

If this seems overwhelming, remember that effective marketing is often what separates rapidly growing companies from those slower growing or even stalled companies within like industries. If you expect your business to continually grow, you must be or become an effective marketer, advertiser and promoter of your business.

Be smart – understand your position in the market place, research your campaign, think it through for execution and longevity, test it, and implement it fully! Keep in mind, you’re likely to grow your business to the extent that you master your marketing campaign. Visit us at Prisma Graphic to learn more.


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