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Timing is Everything

Never before has timing been as important in launching a marketing campaign and maintaining customer communications as the here and NOW. With today’s flood of communications and endless messages, maybe what is said matters less than WHEN it’s said.

Consider the significance of this for a moment. Much of the focus as writers, promoters and marketers tends to be on the messaging, but how much attention is currently paid to things like time of day when messages are sent – and more importantly, when they are received?

As real time communication tools like Twitter and status updates on Facebook and LinkedIn and mobile messaging take top priority in fully integrated communication campaigns, the question of WHEN is obviously going to continue becoming more and more significant.

With these real time platforms, readers rarely give a second glance – most blasts, updates or texts are skimmed right away or junked. Given this, you want your message to hit when your audience is the most receptive – including the right day and the right time.

Is it possible to determine this information or is it too dynamic? It depends. Studies exist with benchmarks for best days of the week produce the best open or click rates. These are aggregate numbers across thousands of senders, however, so be leery of the data, because data alone doesn’t take into account your particular call to action, target audience, or recipient behavior.

So…maybe what’s best is conducting your own study. Start with your best guesses based on what you know of your audience, emails and organization and then test to find best days and time combinations from there. Don’t forget to weigh those options against your call to action.

For instance, if your call to action is related to a purchase, obviously you want to consider your audience’s pay periods. If your call is time sensitive, then calendaring is imperative.

Keeping detailed records is what’s going to make or break this methodology. You must have a good system for tracking your end results and then USE the data for future decision-making.

Remember, real-time communications is intended to help messaging be more relevant to your customer. If you’re able to graph and predict more successful times for sending out various pieces of your campaign, obviously you’ll be more successful and ahead of the competition.

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Bored With Your Marketing Campaign?

Seeing the same marketing collateral day in and day out might get boring as a company insider, but is it actually boring to your audience? That’s the operative question here. Before going to the drawing board and reinventing your image, ask your design and executive teams the following questions:

1. Is your campaign fully integrated? i.e. does your logo appear on all materials in accordance with your style guidelines? i.e. does your campaign cover all markets such as print, viral, social, etc.? Do you and your printer have full and complete brand control?

2. Does your campaign reflect your company’s environmental philosophy? i.e. Are you using recycled paper with a credentialed printer?

3. Are you seeing quantitative results with the current campaign? i.e. are sales up, is your service being used, are you competing strongly in your industry? Does your printer provide full records management that allows you to track collateral usage as a productivity indicator?

4. Are your materials being created uniformly, efficiently and in a cost productive manner? i.e. are you using a print house that uses a marketing supply chain management system?

5. And lastly, are you unique to your specific niche market? i.e. are you trying to be everything to everyone or are you staying within your market purview and business competency?

These five questions are VITALLY important to the decision making process involved with creating, maintaining, altering or completely reinventing a current marketing campaign. Obviously budget is a huge factor, as is timing.

So, if your answer to any of the above questions is ‘NO’ then boredom might not be the only ill effect of your current identity. In fact, it might be time to check the budget, ramp up the design team and get your print shop account rep on the calendar.

If this seems overwhelming, remember that effective marketing is often what separates rapidly growing companies from those slower growing or even stalled companies within like industries. If you expect your business to continually grow, you must be or become an effective marketer, advertiser and promoter of your business.

Be smart – understand your position in the market place, research your campaign, think it through for execution and longevity, test it, and implement it fully! Keep in mind, you’re likely to grow your business to the extent that you master your marketing campaign. Visit us at Prisma Graphic to learn more.

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Door Hangers – The Underdog of Direct Mail

What is your company’s customary and acceptable lead generation cost? Chances are it’s more than eight cents per lead. If you don’t know this cost, do some research and find out, it’s critical to the bottom line of any direct mail strategy.

A unique and often overlooked component to a successful direct mail campaign that is SUPER CHEAP and SUPER EFFECTIVE is door hangers. Some door hangers are as cheap as eight cents per hanger, meaning that you could get your message to 100,000 targeted customers for about $800. Not too shabby, right?

So let’s talk door hangers. Pricing on hangers is no doubt attractive – but keep in mind that the hangers reflect your company, so make sure they aren’t so cheap that they’re trashed before read. It’s also important to determine quantity up front since you’re hanger will be cheaper to print based on a higher print run. Maybe printing enough for two campaigns works for you, just think ahead to stay ahead on pricing.

Design is the most critical aspect of an effective door hanger. Once it touches a prospective customer’s hand, it must catch their eye long enough for them to grasp either a WIFM (What’s In If For Me) or a call to action. Either way, the message must be clear, simple, vibrant and catchy.

The job of door hanger designer is to get customers to read it. You must grab the attention of the customer immediately and: 1) provide a solution to their problems; and 2) have a call to action. Don’t bog your door hanger design with distracting imagery that gets in the way of the message. After all, the purpose of a door hanger is to motivate a response from the customer, not to get a blue ribbon for your design.

Once hooked, copy needs to be brief, concise, and compelling. Using the back side is a great way to visually support your copy/call to action. Use large visuals here like a map, coupon, logo, etc. Stick to sound bites here, not sentences.

Still not convinced that door hangers do the trick? Think about it logistically…door hangers don’t get lost in the pile of junk mail from traditional mail sources. And better yet, recipients are clustered geographically by countless combinations of profiling labels such as income level, education, gender, age, etc. Odds are, that your message will be individually handled by a prospect, unlike any other direct mail component.

Comprehensive print shops offer various services to assist in making a successful door hanging campaign. Most print houses even have templates if interested in a more independent route. Remember, once the perfected door hanger is in hand, don’t waste it on an under-researched demographic. Make sure you’ve done your homework so recipients actually need your service/product.

Last step – ah! Dissemination. If you’re not lucky enough to have a large group of loyal friends or a massive family, many such distribution agencies specialize in this area. Check with your print shop once again, they are your expert advisor!

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4 x 6 Postcard Template

Postcard Advertising is one of the most affordable means of marketing your business, new products or announcing a sale or special promotion. Our 4 x 6 postcard is compact and extremely effective at getting the Return on Investment (ROI) you need. The ideal size for special events, invitations, and promotions. A 4×6 postcard qualifies for First Class Presorted Postcard rates so you make a huge impact on your clients, not your budget. To help support our graphic designers we have a 4×6 postcard template that you can download for free. This template includes the safe area, cut lines, and bleeds.

Download Template (front and back .eps file)

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University of Phoenix Case Study

Integrated Marketing Case Study: University of Phoenix

Client Objective/Goal: To successfully integrate client-supplied initial contact information, gathered through mail-in, call-in and on-line sources, into follow-up direct mail pieces customized for each prospect; including name, gender, nearest campuses and programs of interest. The ultimate goal is to increase interest and enrollment opportunities by making each message more relevant to the individual.

Prisma Graphic Solution: Developed web-to-print products that incorporate the initial contact information into a variable data print (VDP) direct mail application, to individually address each prospect and provide multiple communication methods to further the relationship. This dynamic approach has not only provided the client with a substantial cost-savings through automation, it has allowed them to make their message relevant to each prospect. Moreover, it has expanded the client’s ability to provide and gather more information to help satisfy demand through traditional and/or online course offerings.

University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix Case Study

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Top 10 Ways Print Helps You Prosper.

Why Print

At one time or another we all have taken printing for granted. Perhaps because print has been the world’s number on communication medium for so long, we tend to overlook its impact and power. That oversight could be detrimental to the success of a marketing campaign, a product launch or a branding initiative trying to make connections. Consumers trust print, feel comfortable using it and are unable to fast forward past it. Electronic content comes and goes and when it’s gone, your message disappears with it. Print, on the other hand, is there for the long run.


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Prisma Graphic Services and Capabilities

Prisma Press Floor





Prisma Graphic has the following services and capabilities.

Equipment List

Electronic Prepress

  • (1) Magnus 800 Platesetter with 5 Autoloader/Cassettes
  • (1) Creo Trendsetter Spectrum Platesetter
  • (9) Mac Work Stations
  • (9) PC Work Stations
  • (6) PREPS Imposition Stations
  • (2) Prinergy JVX 10.4 Ripping & Trapping Systems
  • Prinergy Stochastic Screener
  • Prinergy – PDF Workflow
  • Kodak – FM Staccato Screening
  • Canon Color ImpoProofer Automated
  • 2-sided proofer with Color Management
  • Canon ImagePrograf Contract Color Proofer with Kodak Color Management
  • Epson Inkjet Color 9900 Proofer 44”
  •  (2) Sherpa 2-Sided Proofers
  • HP DesignJet 5500 Proofer
  • Pictoral Proofer (11” x 17” max)
  • Multiple CD/DVD Burners
  • Rimage Premium CD/DVD PlexWriter (6 Unit) High-Speed
  • Eversmart Pro2 Flatbed Scanner (11.5” x 17” original input)
  • X RITE PlateScope (Plate Quality/Process Control)
  • X RITE Spectrodensitometer (Proofing, Plating, Press Profiling Process Control)
  • Eye One Color Calibration System
  • Profile Maker Pro (Color Profiling system)
  • Complete Up to date Software and Font Library
  • All files archived on DAT and DVD
  • Mirrored 3T Raid Dell Servers & Gigabit Speed Network
  • E. Quix & High Speed Network Server
  • FTP Server
  • (2) CIP3 Servers
  • Kodak ColorTune Proofing Server
  • Prinergy 1.6 Remote Proofing Server
  • Kodak InSite – Customer Job Interface 


  • (2) Heidelberg Cylinder Press; Sheet Size: 22 x 30”
  • Brausse – 22 1/2 x 29” Die Cut, Emboss and Foil Stamp
  • Kluge EHD – 14 x 20” Die Cut, Emboss and Foil Stamp
  • Baum Lawson MPU, 47” Paper Cutter (Micro-cut)
  • Polar 52” EMC Paper Cutter (Micro-cut)
  • (2) Saber® 54” Cutter w/ Baumann Jogger
  • Mueller Martini Saddle Stitcher   10 Stations w/ Cover Feeder & 3-Knife Trimmer
  • (2) Mueller Martini Saddle Stitcher   6 Stations /Cover Feeder w/ 3-Knife Trimmer
  • Perfect Binder 18”
  • Rollem TR, 35” Perforating & Scoring
  • Rollem TR, 40” Perforating & Scoring
  • MBO B26S Perfection Folder 26 x 40”; 32-Page
  • MBO B23 Folder 20 x 26”; 8-Page
  • MBO B32 S Perfection Folder 32 x 40”; 8-Page
  • Stahl Folder 30 x 40” 16-Page Folder
  • Kluge Pocket Folder Gluer w/Final Fold Ability
  • Challenge Paper Drill, 5-Hole
  • (1) Auto Shrink Wrap Packager
  • (3) Semi-Auto Shrink Wrap Packager

Presses (Web, Sheetfed & Digital)

  • M-130 Heidelberg 38 inch, 5 Color Heatset Web with Color Control System CCS Loop
  • Combo Folder – Sheeter – Pattern Perforator    Maximum Sheet:  22.75 x 38 inches, Maximum Image Area:  22.5 x 37.5 inches
  • Color King 36 inch, 2 Color Web Press / Combo Folder  Maximum Sheet:  22.75 x 36 inches, Maximum Image Area:  22.5 x 35.5 inches
  • Akiyama 40 inch, 5 Color Perfector with Color Control System CCS Loop Maximum Sheet:  28 x 40 inches,  Maximum Image Area: 27.5 x 39.5 inches
  •  (2) Akiyama 40 inch, 6 Color w/ Aqueous Coater,  Maximum Sheet:  28 x 40 inches,   Maximum Image Area:  27.5.  X 39.5 inches
  • Mitsubishi 28 inch, 6 Color w/ Aqueous Coater,    Maximum Sheet:  20 x 28 inches,    Maximum Image Area:  19.5 x 27.5 inches
  • Ryobi True 2 Color (Best for Registration and Solids),  Maximum Sheet:  12 x 18 inches,  Maximum Image Area: 11.5 x 17.5 inches
  • (2) AB Dick 2 Color Replicator,  Maximum Sheet:  12 x 18 inches,  Maximum Image Area: 11.5 x 17.5 inches
  • Halm Jet 2C Color Perfector Envelope Press,    Maximum Sheet:  13 x 18 inches, Maximum Image Area: 11 x 17 inches
  • HP Indigo 5000 4 Color Press   Maximum Sheet:  12 x 18 inches,  Maximum Image Area: 11.6 x 17.2 inches
  • C6500 Digital 4 Color Copier/Press,   Maximum Sheet:  12 x 18 inches,  Maximum Image Area: 11.6 x 17.2 inches


  • Pick and Pack
  • Package and Distribution
  • On-line Customized Inventory Management
  • Cycle Count

 Mailing Services

Our Mailing Department offers a fully integrated service, which
is completely in-house, and configured to suit any requirements.
These services include data acquisition and management, CASS
certification, NCOA service, DPV validation. Prisma can customize
any mailing program to satisfy the needs of our clients. (Web-to-Print Solution)

A unique business-to-business product that enables users to order,
personalize, proof and manage print materials online.  Its parameter-
based programming allows customization with various user options
and controls. Each site can be specifically tailored to fulfill any client’s


 Offset Printing Services:

  •  Sheetfed: Medium Quantity Print Runs
  •  Jprint 5C Perfector Press with Color Control System CCL
  • Sheetfed: Large Quantity Print Runs with our new Control System CCL
  •  Heatset Web: Large Quantity Print runs with Color
  • Open Web: Short and Large Print runs

  Digital Printing:

  •  Including Variable Data
  •  Indigo Short Quantity Print runs, Up to 12”x18”, Including Variable Data with Inline Finishing
  •  Konica Minolta Quantity Print runs, Up to 12”x18″
  •  41”X72” Large Format-Short Quantity Print runs
  •  State-of-the-Art Computer Hardware,
  •  Software & Color Correction & Image Manipulation
  •  Hi-res Canon Kodak Proofs
  •  HP Ink Jet & Laser Proofs, Sherpa Digital Proofs
  •  Prinergy Ripping & Trapping
  •  Prinergy –FM Segundo Stochastic Screening
  •  Kodak Remote Proofing
  •  Kodak-FM Staccato Screening
  •  Prinergy PDF Workflow
  • SSL Secured FTP Site
  • Direct-to-Plate Magnus 800

  Design & Production 

  •  Outside agency support
  •  Supplement In-house Creative Staff
  • Develop Original Concepts 
  • Follow Existing Corporate Graphic Standards

 CD/DVD Duplicating

  •  Data Duplication 
  • Thermal Label Printing


  • Folding 
  • Scoring 
  • Perforating 
  • Stitching 
  • Perfect Bind 
  • Die Cutting 
  • Embossing 
  • Foil Stamping 
  • Gluing
  • Drilling
  • Mounting
  • Sequential Numbering

  DOKSHOP: Online e-Commerce Website

  • Pre-approved Products
  •  Brand consistency
  • Static and Dynamic Fields
  • Instant Online PDF ApprovalView Order Status and History
  • Customizable Shipping

State-of-the-Art Warehouse Facility

  • Product Inventory Storage
  • Clearly Labeled Product with Scannable Bar Codes


  • Computerized Pick & Pac
  • Build Kits of Various Configurations Requirements
  • Bulk or Custom Packaging to Fit your Unique
  • Ship to Single or Multiple Locations

Mailing, Shipping & Receiving

  • CASS Certified Mailing Services
  • Database Management
  • Inserting
  • 1st Class, Standard Presort
  • Bulk Mail with FedEx Overnight
  • 2-day or Ground Shipping
  • Common Carrier


Contact Prisma Graphic for a quote on all your printing, design and mailing needs.


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