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Free Font Friday #5: Headlines

It’s Friday. We love Friday’s around here…not because we shut down (we run just about 24/7), but because we get to offer our designers something for free. Take a look at these fonts that are great for creating headlines.



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Free Font Friday #4: Clean Modern

We love Fridays, and we love offering our designers some free fonts that they can use in the print projects. Contact us if we can help in any of your commercial printing needs. Enjoy the fonts and have a great weekend!

We would like to thank Web Designer Wall for their font selection. Check then out and subscribe to their feed. The have great information on inspiration, typography, print and graphic design.

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Free Font Friday #3

It’s Friday already. We hope you all had a great and productive week. This week we are focusing on a couple of great Grunge Fonts as part of our Free Font Friday series. These fonts are free to use (always check the licensing) for personal and commercial use. Leave a Comment and let us know which are your favorite Grunge Fonts.

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11 Essential Tips for Good Print Typography

There was an article awhile back entitled 11 Essential Tips for Good Print Typography by Matt @ Spoonfed Design . Even though the article is a bit old, the principles still apply to good typography.

One thing about typography is that is a massive part of design, as well as design being a massive part of your type. Read Matt’s article and apply his techniques for solid type design.

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Free Font Friday: Fontin Sans

Jos Buivenga created Fontin Sans with a nice classical appearance it will be a perfect match. Fontin will be rereleased in OpenType format (soon) as Fontin Semi (with a Bold Italic) to match new metrics an kerning.
Fontin Sans Font

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Free Font Friday: Retro and Vintage Fonts

Friday already. What a week. At Prisma Graphic we want the designers that use our services to have great tools at their disposal in order to create high quality print designs. So, we are offering Free Font Friday. We will showcase several fonts that graphic designers can download for free and use in their projects. If you know of any great fonts that we need to showcase here, let us know. We hope you enjoy!


42 Street

Metro Retro

Just O’Fashion

Megalopolis Extra

Wonderful World Retro

Check out more fonts and typography from Prisma Graphics

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Huge Collection of Free Serif Fonts for Graphic Design

We understand that the graphic designers that we work with are always looking for new fonts.  In typography, serifs are semi-structural details on the ends of some of the strokes that make up letters and symbols. We have put together a list of some of the best serif fonts on the web.

20 Classy Free Serif Fonts by D-List

30 Extremely Elegant Serif Fonts by Webdesign Ledger

20+ Beautiful Free Serif Fonts by Think Design Blog

10 Free Serif Fonts by MyInkBlog

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