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Why printing? The ways Prisma Graphic can help your company prosper.

Why printing?  The ways printing helps your company prosper.

 Prisma Graphic  At one time or another we all have taken printing for granted. Perhaps because print has been the world’s number one communication medium for so long, we tend to overlook its impact and power. That oversight could be detrimental to the success of a marketing campaign, a product launch or a branding initiative trying to make connections. Consumers trust print, feel comfortable using it and are unable to fast forward past it. Electronic content comes and goes and when it’s gone, your message disappears with it. Print, on the other hand, is there for the long run.

 According to a recent survey by the Magazine Publishers of America 24% of readers will pass along an interesting article to someone else, 23% will save it for future reference and 13% will visit a relevant website; giving advertisers double and triple bonuses on their marketing investments.

This magazine is dedicated to the persuasive power of print and how it continues to evolve and play an important role in the marketing mix. Along with several informative articles throughout, we have included the advantages of using print. We hope you find this blog informative, inspiring and ultimately beneficial to your marketing efforts.


The Prisma Graphic Team


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Making the Most of Marketing Dollars, Planning and Prepress is key.

Making the Most of Marketing Dollars, Planning & Prepress Addressed

Although it seems fairly straight forward, there are many decisions leading up to and within each print project that directly affect its bottom-line and overall impact. Proper planning and specific attention to detail can save thousands of dollars. Working with a reliable and knowledgeable print solutions representative is a great start; a partner willing to provide practical solutions to make the most of your marketing dollars.

 The options to save during planning are endless with a little creative flexibility. And, below are just a few examples.

 Removing bleed on an 8.5 x 11 flyer allows for 10, rather than 8, to print at a time and on the same parent-sized sheet; paper is normally 30 to 50% of the total job cost.

 Think about using a self-cover format for multiple-page products. Removing the heavier cover eliminates the cost of an extra press form and may allow the project to fold in-line; every off-line process adds to the bottom line.

When preparing for a direct mail project consider the following:

•            Processing the mailing list(s) in advance will establish the actual quantity needed and potentially reduce waste by 7% or more.

•            Sticking to a maximum finished size of 11.5 wide x 6.125 tall, and staying under 3.3 oz, can save roughly $0.12 per piece in postage; a $2,400 savings with just 20,000 mailers.

•            Fugitive glue dot closures can be applied during the folding process for a small set-up fee, while the wafer seal application adds $17 to $20 per thousand in each direction; new USPS regulations require closures on all “open” sides.

 Once the final specs are established, a second place to prevent additional costs is in the final file set-up and content review stages. Utilizing each software application correctly and carefully reviewing projects before file release are critical steps in this process. Below are just a few examples of ways to retain cost controls.

 Using a document size larger than the actual trim size of the piece, forgetting to include 1/8″ bleeds or building multiple-page products in spreads, rather than single pages, can all add considerable time and costs in to the prepress process.

 Correctly specifying inks, throughout software utilized, has never been more important. Using PANTONE’s COLOR BRIDGE® profiles to establish your 4-color process builds will ensure color accuracy and avoid second and even third rounds of color proofs. To download free support tools, including the latest color libraries and PANTONE® Color Bridge Tutorials visit You will be asked to create a user account, then you can click on the “helpCenter” in the menu bar to select the “Color Library Updates” page.

 Running a quick spell check and having an “outside” set of eyes review the overall content, before final file release, will also help avoid costly mistakes. Discovering grammatical and layout issues beforehand will help to keep projects on track and on budget.

 To find out more about minimizing costs or about proper file set-up, please contact a Prisma Sales Representative, or Kyle Cardinal by calling 800 379-5777 or emailing

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Prisma Graphic team in thier own words.

“There is a high level of integrity and a solid work ethic at Prisma that has been unmatched in my 13 years of experience. I have the utmost confidence in our staff and know that every job I bring in will be handled professionally and with care.  I’ve always believed trust is something that is earned and I am proud to be a part of such a supportive team.”

 Rob Steele, Sales Representative

It has been said that nothing ever really changes; here at Prisma Graphic, we believe change is the only constant. Our cutting-edge technology, innovative culture and quality product standards have served the discerning print buyer for over three decades. As a print and marketing solutions provider, we work hand-in-glove with each customer to help achieve their direct marketing goals.

Our services are full-circle, entirely customizable and for the most part in-house. These qualities allow us to offer our customers complete ease during print buying process. Together, we help find the best suited product for their needs, work to meet cost restrictions and uphold individuality and control over all aspects of the job to ensure efficiency and speed to market. We know our customers are busy, and by letting us handle the details, they save valuable time previously spent on details.

Most of all we know it is impossible to have an exceptional printing company without the right equipment and services. The way we see it, however, our people are every bit as vital. Our skilled team is completely dedicated to customer satisfaction. Each customer’s deadlines and concerns become ours. As we take them through the print buying process, we are confident that their experience with us will be unparalleled because we have made it a habit to listen and learn. Our greatest reward is their success.

It’s all about people- (yours & ours).


It this easy with Dokshop:

  • 1. Login
  • 2. Search Product
  • 3. Customize
  • 4. Create Proof
  • 5. Print & Ship

The online tool that makes it easy to manage and print your collateral.

“You have to love working in a fast-paced environment to work in our DokShop Department. With every client addition, we are taking online ordering to new levels. I feel privileged to be a part of something new and cutting edge. What I like most is being able to help a customer who needs an order completed faster than a typical job. If I can make a customer happy, simply by excelling at my job, then it makes it all worth it.”

 Niki Salas, DokShop Administrator

Just like Niki, we feel it is our job to invent and find more efficient ways to make our clients’ lives and jobs easier. One of our most innovative products is DokShop, which are online ordering sites that can be specifically tailored to every customers needs. These sites host easy-to-use templates that maintain brand standards, minimize costs, improve accuracy and also have a print-on-demand feature that significantly reduces turn-times compared to a traditional ordering process.

DokShop’s capabilities are extremely diverse. Each site is set up to accommodate our clients’ internal ordering structure and specific needs. Many of our DokShop customers have very specific billing procedures and benefit from setting up authorization control for critical items. DokShop’s open architecture and fully-customizable options allow customers to upload files, control their brand and print collateral with ease. Our customers also have the ability to manage inventory and fulfillment details, as well as build and distribute publication advertisements, saving time and money along the way.

DokShop orders are typically shipped within 2-3 working days from the time of receipt, which is almost half of the time needed for a traditional order. Since introduced in 2001,  pre=””>DokShop has enabled businesses around the country to launch worldwide marketing campaigns much more efficiently. Today, DokShop supports nearly 180 accounts with over 20,000 users and continues to grow.

For an online tutorial or presentation please visit us online at


Nearly 99% of our clients stay with us. We are still working on that last 1%.

“As an Account Manager, my job is to hold everything together by following our customers’ projects and traffic updates to all involved. From sale through production and delivery, I am responsible to meet or exceed customer expectations. I must say it is a welcomed break from my more stressful job, however, of raising three kids. Coordinating all of our schedules, from school, to soccer and ballet is enough to certify me to handle just about any job that comes my way.”

Karen Bonds, Account Manager

At the core of any successful marketing effort is excellent communication. Our Sales team and Account Managers have just that. They are in constant contact with our internal and external customers, making sure everything is on track. Like Karen, we make it a point to pay attention – it is our job to manage the details.

Each customer has a Salesperson at their finger tips and each Salesperson works closely with an Account Manager, Planner and Production Manager to help coordinate each job. Our team follows every order from start to finish, ensuring client expectations are met. This makes our work efficient and our customers’ work successful. This is the reason we retain 99% of our customers. And though it’s a tall order, we’d love to make that an even 100%.

Prepress & Planning

“If there is one thing I have learned in printing, it is that you must be flexible. I could be preparing files for a rush project one minute and the next minute be asked help a colleague solve a last-minute problem on their project. I think it is the diversity that has kept me here; no two days are the same and each day is challenging. And, thanks to the wonders of Photoshop, I have no grey hairs (arrow toward picture).”

 Matt Aldrich, Prepress Technician

Like Matt, we know our customers handle many projects and are empowered to juggle their workloads. Our Planning and Prepress Departments work together to map out the final details of every project to run as efficiently as possible; our customers have more important things to handle. From the type of fold, to the specific paper and equipment the project will utilize, they seek out potential problems and look for ways to save our customers’ money after the fact; sometimes catching a last minute grammatical error that could add thousands of dollars if found at press.

Naturally, we are both MAC and PC compatible and offer the entire range of Prepress services, from flatbed scanning and Photoshop work to laser, digital and high resolution color proofs. Our customers have the option to upload their files to a secure FTP site and can even view electronic ripped proofs via Rampage Remote®, all of which intended to expedite the speed to market.

For guidelines on successful file preparation, including uploading tips, important design considerations and graphic options please speak with our Prepress Department, day or nigh, please call (602) 243-5777.

We’re always glad to see you, but you can always view your files online.


“Everybody at Prisma cares about quality. We recently added an automated color adjustment system on our web press, which provides higher quality control and consistency. That addition has proven invaluable, as I now have more time to set up every job for success.  I consider each project a paint-by-numbers picture and we all are responsible for the final product. I’d like to think it is our quality and attention-to-detail that retains our customers.”

 Erik Dold, Web Press Supervisor

Our cutting-edge technology makes it is easier for us to manage many things. More importantly, as Erik mentioned, it allows us to work smart and prepare each job for a successful next stop. We offer a complete range of printing services including standard & perfecting sheetfed, web, and digital printing. Not to mention every aspect of bindery and finishing including folding, scoring, stitching, foiling, embossing, die cutting and gluing.

There are many benefits to using a printer with diverse in-house capabilities, the first being quality. As a job flows through our facility, we are able to control quality throughout each step of the process. It is nice to know that each time we finish with a project it meets and most of the time exceeds industry quality standards. We are always proud to show our customers what we have created together. The second is time. It helps our customers bring their products to market faster by keeping the order in one facility. One of the biggest hassles print buyers experience with a traditional printer is dealing with multiple outside sources for the other aspects of the project, like bindery, fulfillment and mailing. The third is convenience. We like our customers to have one point of contact for their project because we know their lives are too busy to chase down multiple suppliers. Since the same people follow each job all the way through the order, details are retained along the way.

Considering even the most subtle issues can affect the quality of a job, it is good to know that our staff understands all aspects of printing.

Doing things right from start to finish.


All we need is your order – we’ll handle the rest.

“Working in fulfillment has its pressures, as I am rarely working on a single project. We have lots of orders that must be prepared and ship out same day. I have to stay sharp and focused to the details of each order. Good thing I am surrounded with a great, hard-working team; they help me accomplish each task at hand. In my free-time, I like to scrapbook and decorate. I guess I never get tired of the details.”

Danielle Giordano Fulfillment & DokShop Administrator

 Our Fulfillment and Direct Mail Departments do their best to make sure our client’s jobs are received when and where they want. There is much more involved in the process and we consider that up to us. We know our clients are busy dealing with their own pressures which is why they come to us, to take care of all aspects of their project.

 Our Fulfillment Department can produce job tickets from any order customers send our way; we then pick, pack and ship all of their materials. With 20,000 square feet of warehouse space, we store countless printed pieces and then customize to the specific needs of the order.  We can shrink-wrap, custom package or mail materials in multiple-item kits, as well as assemble and bulk ship all of those orders, maintaining inventory on a component level.

 In-house mailing is another service we offer our customers. To help them get the most out of their direct marketing efforts, we can provide demographic-specific mailing lists that are CASS certified and NCOA updated, ensuring all address are current and correct. This is an efficient option to straight saturation mailing, providing an option to zero in on your target market to increase sales and achieve a higher ROI. We can mail pre-sorted first class or standard and know all of the U.S.P.S regulations to qualify for the lowest rates available.


“I have been in quality control for over 17 years and I like to keep a sharp eye on things. My job is to compare customer approved proofs and press sheets with final products, looking for offset, registration, size and color issues. Everything needs to match before I allow it to ship; bottom line is every job must pass my inspection. I’m glad to say, however, that for the majority of the time my job around here has been easy. In fact, we have a message board by our break-room and I certainly appreciate all of the positive feedback from our customers.”

 Mary Walker, Quality Control & Shipping Specialist

 Mary makes certain that our projects are delivered exactly as intended and at the standards we demand. We know every project’s success businesses depend on orders being shipped to the right people, at the right time and we take that responsibility seriously.

 We offer a variety of shipping methods, including Standard Freight, FedEx, UPS and United States Postal Service. We also offer Prisma delivery for deliveries to the Phoenix area; daily routes are planned in advance for the most efficient route and cost effective way to deliver projects.

 We go out of our way to ensure our customers’ orders are handled, even if it means delivering to the 20th floor, rounding the corner and stacking the product on the highest shelf. We are here to take care of the details.

 To speak with Prisma Graphic’s personal mailing consultant, call Jaren at 602 243-5777.

  Even when it’s standard mail, the shipping service is first class.


Where a job is printed is just as important as when.

 “Building an efficient facility is all about flow. As a licensed drag racer, speed comes naturally to me. When Prisma was built, we made sure everything was located so that work flows through our facility fast. For example, presses are steps away from the bindery and the bindery is steps from shipping and so on. The less time a job spends in our facility the more time it is doing what it’s intended to do… making our customer’s money.”

 Steve Carlson, Operations Manager

 We make sure jobs move quickly and efficiently like Steve does on the race track. Our 82,000 square foot facility is one of the largest manufacturing and fulfillment centers in Phoenix, the nation’s fifth largest city. Designed as a “smart factory,” our facility includes over $9 million in equipment, most of which is invested in electronic technology and state-of-the-art presses.

 Along with a floor plan that provides a fast work flow, our facility is also clean and environmentally controlled. We are a lean manufacturer, making sure we reduce waste at every step of our business process. To ensure quality control, we intentionally separated certain areas of production. Considering issues like drying powder that could land on wet ink, paper dust that can float through the air and the humidity and storage of materials is all part of being smart too. From our facility design, to our culture, it is something that can be sensed the moment you walk through the front door.

 Responsibility & What Prisma can do for you!

“My whole life runs on a schedule. Coffee at 7:00 a.m. Kiss wife goodbye from 7:15-7:15:30 a.m. Arrive at work by 8:00 a.m. and start looking at jobs. Check on the ones sent yesterday, start on the ones that go out that day and then prepare for the jobs to go out the next day. Delivering a job on time requires adhering to schedules. Needless to say, on those rare days I show up at 8:00:01 a.m., I never hear the end of it.”

 Steve Van Loon, Bindery/ Finished Materials

 We hold up our end, taking responsibility for each and everything we do. Our team knows a lot about schedules and commitments, in addition to providing expertise and knowledge. These are a few of the qualities we posses that makes us unique and keeps our customers returning.

 We like to say that we primarily sell trust. We highly value each and every client and the relationship we share. Each of our customers’ individual needs are different, but at the heart of them all is the need for an efficient, responsible and innovative printer. Working as an extension of our customers marketing teams, we are proud of what we can bring to each and every project. No matter the title, our skilled group of professionals work together to get each job done right.

  Taking responsibility starts at the top.  Let us know if we can help.

 “I have been a Front-Office Administrative Assistant for corporations in the past and always felt confident and capable of handling any work load. Having never worked in the printing industry this was a new adventure for me. I remember when I first walked into Prisma and Bob greeted me so enthusiastically, I thought if I can ever get used to the smell of ink, I may have found my home. Seven years later, I have gotten used to the smell of ink and could not even imagine working anywhere else.”

 LeeAnn Durfee, Office Administrative Assistant

 Since our first priority is people, we would like to know if we can assist you. To find out more about Prisma Graphic, we invite you to contact us or visit us online today.

Prisma Graphic

At Prisma Graphic, we print smart so you can too.

2937 East Broadway Road

Phoenix, AZ 85040

Phone: (602) 243-5557

Toll-Free: (800) 379-5777

Fax: (602) 268-4804

To see what Prisma can do for you, contact a sales associate today!

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