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Brand Control – Who’s Really In Charge?

As a marketer from the pre-blog era, this question seems ridiculously easy to answer… and once upon a time it was. Now, not so much. Not in a time when blogs, discussion boards, email group lists, Facebook, Twitter, and all other such tools create an open, ongoing forum for your product or service to be honestly and candidly discussed. In fact, the assertion, “your brand is no longer yours” is truer than some PR and marketing types want to admit.

Reality is, however, that viral and social media outlets just might be saying more about your company than you are – positively or negatively. To those who spend a healthy share of time and money on branding, this concept might just cause a little heartburn.

Perhaps it’s time to face this issue and make the conscience decision to choose the path most taken. Face it; working tirelessly at reclaiming control over your brand probably isn’t working anyway. Why not focus instead on something that you CAN control – quality of product or service, and all other forms of your marketing package, such as: print collateral, advertisements, promotional goods, and so forth.


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Color Trends: A look at Magazine Color Trends

Color Inspiration

Recently Colourlovers did an article post regarding the latest magazine color trends. They picked the winners of 2009. The color that stood out the most and lead the color trend was Blue.


See the rest of the 2009 Magazine Color Trend Winners as well as the other finalist at Colourlovers.

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Huge Collection of Free Serif Fonts for Graphic Design

We understand that the graphic designers that we work with are always looking for new fonts.  In typography, serifs are semi-structural details on the ends of some of the strokes that make up letters and symbols. We have put together a list of some of the best serif fonts on the web.

20 Classy Free Serif Fonts by D-List

30 Extremely Elegant Serif Fonts by Webdesign Ledger

20+ Beautiful Free Serif Fonts by Think Design Blog

10 Free Serif Fonts by MyInkBlog

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